A detailed review on Levitra

Levitra – Overview
Levitra is a medication used in treating male sexual functioning problems such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. The drug is known to relax the muscles in the blood vessels walls so as to increase the blood flow to specific areas such as the penis. After being combined with sexual stimulation, it enhances the flow of blood to the penis making to retain an erection.

Buy Levitra online

Buy Levitra online

How to use Levitra
Before starting to use Levitra, you should read the leaflet that comes with it. It is also wise that you seek pharmacist or doctor’s advice before using Levitra. The use of Levitra with various medicines such as Adempas can result in a sudden decrease in blood pressure. You should consider all the medicines you take. While using this medication, you should also avoid drinking grapefruit juice or eating the grapefruit unless the doctor allows you. Also, taking of alcohol may increase the severity of the various Levitra side effects. Children and women should not use Levitra.

Levitra Dosage
Take Levitra through the mouth as directed by the pharmacist or the doctor. The dosage will be based your response to treatment as well as your medical condition. You can take Levitra before or after a meal that is, one hour before engaging in sexual activity. Never take Vardenafil more than once in a day. Give each dose a period of 24 hours before taking another dose. Concerning missed dosage, Levitra does not require a dosing schedule since you only take it when needed. Do away with missed dose but avoid overdose since it may poisonous requiring emergency medical attention. In case your erection lasts for a longer period or is painful after taking vardenafil, you should seek immediate medical care.

Levitra side effects
During the sexual activity after taking Levitra, you may experience dizziness, nausea, numbness, pain or breathing difficulties. If these happens, you should know that you are experiencing some of the side effects of taking Vardenafil. Other side effects may include:
-A runny nose.
-Abnormal ejaculation.
-Stomach pain.
-Chest discomfort.
-Cold sweats.
-Swallowing difficulties.
-Fast or slow heartbeat.
-Unusual weakness.
-Discomfort or the pain in your jaw, neck, arms or back.
-Allergic reactions. Some of the Levitra ingredients may result in allergic reactions.
-Vision loss. In case this condition occurs, stop taking Levitra and seek immediate medical care.
-Hearing loss which is characterized ringing in your ears can also occur. Stop using Levitra and get appropriate medical help.
-Having prolonged or painful erection. This condition is rare, but in case it occurs, you should seek medical assistance immediately.

The Generic Levitra in Australia
In Australia, the generic name of Levitra is Vardenafil. In some of the information relating to Levitra, you may find the name Vardenafil in place of Levitra. You should know they mean the same thing.

How to buy Levitra online
You can buy this medication at the online stores and shops. By purchasing online, you channel the payment online before the shipping is done. Buying Levitra online comes with some advantages such as fast acquisition and delivery. Other recommended places to buy are the licensed drugstores. Seek pharmacist or doctor’s recommendations before buying this drug.

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