What are the benefits realized in using Levitra medication?


In definition, Levitra is a brand name for vardenafil which is a medication for the males. It helps in erectile dysfunction treatment. This has been of help to most of the affected male people in Australia. In general, the medication work by increasing the blood flow to the penis. They therefore help in keeping the penis erected.

Generic Levitra online in Australia

Generic Levitra online in Australia

• How to use

Before using this medication, one should have consulted a doctor. Doctor’s prescription should always be checked before use. Levitra is taken orally through the mouth. It can be taken with or without food as directed by your doctor. Use the required dose an hour or two before sex. Only one tablet is taken 24 hour apart from the first dose.

• Dosage

This medication is mostly used for people who want to have sex. The medication should be taken an hour or two before sex. One tablet of 10 mg is recommended. This should be only once within 24 hours. The medication is available in mg of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20. A certain dosage is determined according to the patients’ medical condition.

• Side effects

Using this medication will have some common side effects. They include:

• Causes one to have a running and stuffy nose.

• They lead to constant headache, stomach upsets and flushing.

• Sudden deterioration in vision in some patients.

• The medication will cause a huge drop in blood pressure when taken with other prescribed medications. This will lead to dizziness and eventually fainting of the patient. Worst of all, it can risk a patient to stroke and a heart attack.

It is worth noting that one should avoid taking both grapefruits and grapefruit juice to avoid unwanted side effects. Also one should always avoid alcoholic drinks while under this drug.

• Buying online

Buying Levitra online is a fast and immediate way of accessing this medication. Buying online will require no doctor’s prescription and examination. In Australia, over the counter internet pharmacy is used. The following website helps people a lot https://edonlinestores.net/buy-levitra-online-au-en.html. The order is then delivered to the patients stated address immediately. Customers are given large packages of Levitra on discount. Payments are made by any of the international money cards.

• Comparison with Viagra

Apart from Levitra, Viagra can also be used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. When this two are taken with different patients, they stay in ones bloodstream for about four to six hours. Doctors prescribe taking both these two medications on an empty stomach. Both Viagra and Levitra will cause the patient have some headache, stomach upsets, flushing and even a running nose.


In conclusion, Levitra has been used greatly in Australia to help people with erectile dysfunctions. People should always seek doctor’s attention before using this medication. As noted above, use the doctor’s written manual for use of this drug. A person’s doge always depends on their medical conditions. Some common side effects cab be felt like runny nose, stomach upsets and even headache that lasts for a short time. To save on time, a person can order for this drug online. They are delivered immediately to their address. Care should always be taken to avoid some side effects.

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