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Posts published in October 2020

Viagra Professional: Is this the right drug for me?

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Viagra has been a popular medication for erectile dysfunction for the last 16 years. Throughout that time frame, many of Viagra’s positives and negatives have come to light. Today what we want to do is focus on the negative aspects of Viagra and show you what the creators of the medication have done to fix those issues in the form of a new medication called Viagra professional. In addition to this, you’ll learn a couple of very interesting facts about Viagra that you won’t believe are true. One of those facts includes ice cream. If that piqued your interest then keep reading.

So the traditional formula of Viagra has some serious drawbacks despite its amazing effects. There are currently three major problems that Viagra has that Viagra professional removes. The first one would be the time it takes to work. All men who take Viagra were extremely happy to know that there was a medication available that gave them back their sex lives. The only downside is that it would take upwards of an hour to start working as intended. The creators of Viagra didn’t plan on this unforeseen drawback but they made sure to address this issue when they made Viagra professional. Men who use Viagra professional can expect to be ready to go in as little as 15 minutes.

The next biggest issue with traditional Viagra was the fact that it didn’t work for men with advanced stages of erectile dysfunction. Now this, of course, is no fault of the company. Very few men realize that erectile dysfunction is a progressive condition. That means once you develop symptoms it gets worse up until the point you lose the ability to form an erection for good. That’s right. It is a fact that if you wait to get diagnosed and treated you will become permanently impotent. Viagra professional helps those that are in the advanced stages of erectile dysfunction. The only drawback to this is that they will almost certainly need the medication every time they engage in sex.

Viagra professional is the strongest form of Viagra available. Keep in mind there are several different forms of Viagra available. It even comes in the form of ice cream. Yes, Viagra has its very own flavor of ice cream but it is only available currently in Britan. In addition to that, you still need to have a doctor’s approval to consume the medicated frozen treat. The same is no different when it comes to Viagra professional. The medication requires you to have consulted a medical doctor and get a prescription. If you’ve never been to a doctor for an evaluation then it could be a really tough task to complete.

In fact, a poll of about 1,000 men who suspected they had some form of erectile problems asked why they didn’t go to the doctor. The answer 75% of the men answered they there was a level of anxiety associated with going to the doctor. I assure you that screening for erectile dysfunction is painless and not invasive at all. In fact, you could simply go to a cardiologist and be diagnosed with a simple blood test. There are no embarrassing talks or uncomfortable exams. So don’t wait. Remember men who wait to get their erectile issues looked at risk losing the ability for the rest of their lives. Also, don’t forget to ask if Viagra professional would be a good fit for you.