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Posts published in April 2020

Viagra Professional: A stronger version that may provide better results

Where To Buy Viagra Professional Adelaide Sa

How Professional Viagra Works For Extreme Cases

Professional Viagra is a medicine used for male erectile diffusion, which activates natural blood flow, achieving a powerful and effective erection. This medicine is administered orally, so it requires plenty of liquid, preferably water, and without chewing. Its effectiveness begins to be visualized about 30 minutes after consumption. After this, the man will be skillfully competent to sustain 2 or 3 permanent sexual urges of up to 60 minutes. Although, among the conditions for the use of this medicine is taking it 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, it takes time for the active substance to enter the bloodstream and act.

What is Professional Viagra

This medicine will not help if a man does not experience sexual arousal. Without stimulation, an erection will not appear. This last peculiarity is the built-in value of Viagra Professional that increases recovery between each of the sensual scenes. In the same way, it increases libido, firmness and the revitalization of sexual desire. This prominently prodigious pill should be consumed only once a day, preferably, it is highly recommended to do so between swallowing food. However, it should be borne in mind that high fat foods can influence the delay or reduction of the beneficial effect of Viagra Professional. It is recommended to exclude the consumption of grapefruit or oranges, which directly interfere with the successful fulfillment of the treatment.

Main advantages of this medicine

1) Its effect is for 8 hours. 2) Increases the sensitivity of the male genital organ. 3) Improves sexual arousal. 4) Reduce the rest period after sex. 5) Quickly restore an erection after ejaculation. 6) Instantly absorbs into the blood. 7) It can be combined with alcohol. Sildenafil, or Viagra, makes an erection strong, reliable, long and stable. The drug restores confidence in man and in his abilities, regardless of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Best of all, the medicine helps if the blood circulation is damaged in the vessels of the reproductive system. All this, in the selective action of the main component. Before starting to take Sildenafil, consult your doctor, which will help you solve several important problems such as: Diagnosing the pathology, identifying the cause of the disease, choosing the dose and determining the duration of the drug. Intake of the drug in the amount of 100 mg can be dangerous for the body in the presence of severe somatic pathologies.

Whether to treat erectile dysfunction with Sildenafil or not, only a doctor will tell.

Are there side effects

A consultation with a specialist can minimize the risk of negative consequences Side effects of the drug: Although the sensations following the intake of Viagra Professional are extremely rare, there are scenarios in which they are painstakingly shown, while the organs process the components that are associated with the drug’s formula. In considerably strange cases, they usually appear within the medications: Tachycardia, rosettes on the skin, difficulty in breathing. Before these scenes, consult the doctor without delay. Among the most common negative effects are:Migraine, abdominal discomfort,gastrointestinal difficulties, nausea, vomiting,
nasal congestion,blurry vision, color blindness.

Can you buy Viagra Professional without a prescription

The marketing of Viagra Professional is allowed within world pharmacies with a strict medical prescription. In drugstores in European countries it is easy to obtain this presentation, because it is practically at hand. It should be noted that this is not the only way to get these pills. It is possible to do it without a prescription through online pharmacies or distributors at a cheaper cost for men interested in optimizing their sexual potency.

Where to buy Viagra Professional online

By buying Viagra Professional online, like other medications, which comes from countries with greater flexibility in the trade of generic and original drugs, they are more accessible in their market. The affordable price is available only in the dose of 100 mg, the amount of which would be recommended for patients with severe cases of sexual impotence. When buying online it is advisable to take into account the following precautions:
1) Purchasing Viagra Professional without a prescription is not recommended when taking other erectile dysfunction medications. 2) It cannot be taken twice a day. 3) It should not be taken if you have lung, liver, kidney or cardiovascular problems. 4) It is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to the active components.

Could head lice drug stop the coronavirus in its tracks?

How Are COVID-19 Researchers Testing Drugs

There is much talk about medicines that could help against the dreaded Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). As all healthcare systems in the world are trying to fight back this new and virulent disease the medical community needs to explore all possible cures. An interesting discover have been reported by Kylie Wagstaff, researcher at Monash of Biomedicine Discovery Institute of Melbourne, Australia. The research appeared on “Antiviral Research” the 3rd april 2020 and shows that Ivermectin, a FDA approved drug with anti parasitic spectrum of action, inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.


Dr. Wagstaff said that “we found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA (effectively removed all genetic material of the virus) by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours there was a really significant reduction in it”. For now scientists can only speculate about mechanisms of action that enables Ivermectin to be effective against the Covid 19 viral agent. It’s still too early to determine if Ivermectin it’s safe and effective for the treatment of Covid-19 infection. But results are promising and several research groups have started human trials in Australia, Uk and USA. It is needless to say that in the absence of a specific drug or treatment protocol to cure patients affected by Covid-19 it’s essential to investigate all the possibilities offered by already existing drugs.

How it works

Ivermectin is a chemical derivative of avermectin, a family of anthelmintic whose discovery was recognized with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to scientists who discovered it. Ivermectin have neurotoxic characteristics and its really effective in killing invertebrates such as nematodes and scabies mites. Avermectines are used as active substances in many pesticides and Ivermectin is commonly used by veterinarians for treatment of parasitic worms infestations in livestock and pets.

What it treats

Ivermectin have shown to be an effective drug against many diseases: enterobiasis, an intestinal disease caused by pinworm, rosacea, probably caused by a mite and many tropical helminthiasis like river blindness, trichuriasis and diseases caused by filarial worms like elephantiasis, Loa loa filariasis and more. Furthermore many studies have proved that Ivermectin have also an anti-viral activity against many pathogens. Before the lab tests connducted by the australian researchers, Ivermectin has been tested successfully with HIV, DENV (dengue virus), Influenza virus, VEEV (Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus), CHIKV (chikungunya virus) and yellow fever virus among others.

Anti-viral properties

The anti-viral activity of Ivermectin for now has been proved only “In-vitro” and must be confirmed in human patients before to implement new treatment protocols. For this purpose researchers must focus on understanding the efficient dosages and how much active substance can be tolerated by human body before the emergence of toxicity. In the light of these evidences it’s certainly worth to going on with research as Ivermectin shows the potentiality to become a treatment drug to fight Covid-19.

Australian market

In Australian market Ivermectin is available under the brand names Stromectol and Soolantra. Generic Stromectol in Australia is indicated for the treatment of scabies and nematodes intestinal diseases. Soolantra cream is indicated for topic treatment of rosacea. Both medicines must be prescribed by an authorized healthcare professional in Australia. Stromectol is packaged in 3-mg tablets and the dosage depends on body weight and pathology of the patient. It’s recommended to take the tablets with water on an empty stomach. Common adverse effects of stromectol are fever, pruritus, nausea and skin rash. More often reactions could be noted after some days after the treatment of parasitic infections.


Soolantra cream is supplied in 35g, 45g and 60g tubes containing a cream with a 1% concentration of ivermectin (10mg per gram of product). It’s used for topic treatment of rosacea and it must be applied in the affected areas of the face once a day. Adverse effects are very rare and consists quite exclusively of skin irritations.¬†Due to increased attention by public opinion there are concerns on the market availability of Ivermectin based drugs in the near future. Actually there are few manufacturers of these medical products and if its effectiveness were to be proven demand probably the global demand could affect badly the supply capacity of the producers.

Healthcare ramifications

Coronavirus disease is threatening healthcare and economy of all nations in the world. The importance of developing effective treatments is crucial before a vaccine could be produced, supplied and administered to the global population. The interesting findings on Ivermectin made in Australia together with the studies conducted abroad on other medicines raises hope for a quick medical breakthrough capable to put an end at the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professional Viagra, the new generation of medication to treat erectile dysfunction

Where To Buy Viagra Professional Sydney Nsw

Viagra professional is a drug growing in popularity and is used by men that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Viagra professional drug is not intended to cure erectile dysfunction permanently, but a man may experience a cure at an instance in time when taking the drug. This drug is becoming to be the new drug in the next generation, but previous generations would know this drug as the ‘little blue pill’. A growing market for Viagra professional is on the online market especially in Australia. Men are experiencing much privacy and convenience when they order the drug online. Being able to obtain the drug online opens the market to everyone and takes away the middle man of the prescription ‘access only’ process typically seen with pharmaceutical drugs offered in typical walk-in pharmacies. Men usually see a time and money saving when having the ability to order Viagra professional online. Ordering online and receiving the drug in days or even weeks from the order date is an example of the time saving of not having to make an appointment and visit a physician’s office.

A growing market with online pharmacies based in Australia advertise that they offer the authentic, high quality and affordable Viagra professional drug. The drug is shipped to the consumer’s residence and their embarrassing health conditions is not exposed in public walk-in pharmacies or in discussions with a physician’s office staff. Australia online pharmacy offers attractive free shipping, with a minimum purchase pricing of course. Discreet packaging is promoted as men with families living in their residence do not have to worry about having their secret condition exposed. Furthermore, these online companies also offer attractive specials to consumers ordering from their site such as free bonus tablets that will accompany their original order placed. Another attractive aspect of purchasing Viagra professional online is that there is no limitations of how much one may obtain at one time, as seen with traditional prescriptions obtained from walk-in pharmacies. A man can order as much as he may desire with no consequences.

The downside of obtaining Viagra professional online for starters is the unknown of obtaining the legitimate drug desired. Since the online Australian pharmacies are not regulated it is a scary thought to order a drug online and not really know if the drug is authentic or not. Australian online pharmacies are not regulated in a sense that they can misrepresent the Viagra professional drug if they choose. There has been claims of generics and completely false drugs being delivered to consumers through these online sites. Even more questionable, is that there are no guidelines that are stipulate where these Australian online pharmacies produce the drug. They may use inadequate facilities to manufacture the drug and no one would know. This drug could be manufactured in someone’s house for all that we do know. Another drawback is consuming this drug without the guidance of a medical professional can lead to life threatening results. Viagra professional is recommended to people that are of older age and younger people, but this is not sufficient to addressing medical conditions that may counteract with the drug. The Australian online pharmacy market shall be used with caution and shall be thoroughly researched prior to entrusting one’s life with the drug being offered.