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Posts published in October 2012

Why Valtrex is a Good Choice against shingles and cold sores

In simplest terms Valtrex is an antiviral. But it is an important antiviral in that it is quite effective in controlling a variety of herpes conditions. Herpes is a common virus that effects a large portion of the population. The virus is usually classified as either oral or genital. The virus is easy to transmit and this is perhaps the reason for such a widespread number of cases. While there have been many advances in the science of curing herpes, to date there is no actual complete cure. In place of a cure Valtrex is a very effective tool for controlling the virus.

Valtrex against genital herpes

Valtrex against genital herpesValtrex is a good choice in the treatment of day-to-day herpes in both oral (cold sores) and genital cases. This useful drug does a good job of reducing the symptoms of this persistent viral infection. Valtrex has additional uses, such as in the treatment of a childhood infection known as chickenpox.

Herpes and Valtrex

Generally this antiviral should be used soon after the first signs of a herpes breakout are evident. The usual clues of an impending breakout include a burning sensation in the affected area, as well as tingling and itching. Shortly after these early clues appear, painful blisters form in the affected area. This troublesome virus is easy passed from one person to the other through casual contact such as kissing and sexual contact. It is important to understand that a drug like Valtrex will not ever stop the spread of the virus. Always follow strict guidelines as offered by your medical professional regarding the proper use of this or any drug. Along those same lines always follow along closely to the directions that come with any prescription you have filled. It is also important to note that by delaying use of Valtrex until after a herpes breakout has occurred, will greatly reduce its effectiveness. Herpes might be considered somewhat of a annoyance, because of its reoccurring nature, but at the very least it is manageable through the use of drugs like Valtrex.


While there is no replacement for the simple avoidance of contact with an infected individual, when infection does happen, its good to know that products like Valtrex are available. The best advice anyone can give is to always consult with your family physician before considering any drug therapy. But when herpes management is something that is important to you, Valtrex is worth taking a serious look at as a quality antiviral for herpes.