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Posts published in November 2012

Buy Zovirax (Acyclovir) against herpes and cold sores

Acyclovir-inhibitor of DNA polymerase

Acyclovir in AustraliaEra of effective therapy begins with the selective application of acyclovir. It acts against the Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2, and varicella zoster virus. Once inside a cell that is infected with a herpes virus, Acyclovir prevents herpes DNA synthesis, without affecting the normal cellular processes. This prevents the virus to replicate in the cells.

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Acyclovir (Zovirax) tablets

Acyclovir can be used orally, intravenously and locally. In the oral application, only 20% of the administered dose is absorbed. It is excreted by the kidneys. Preparations with acyclovir must not be applied to mucous membranes of the mouth, eye or vagina.

Acyclovir cream is very effective against labial herpes (on the lips), which often occurs in winter, during cold. Feeling is very unpleasant because of the swollen lips, and very often, and any mimic with lips is painful. It is applied when there is a burning sensation on the lips, before the appearance of tiny bubbles with the liquid inside. Regular use prevents spreading herpes to other parts of the lips, a place where it occurred will be healed. Before and after applying the cream to the lesions, it is needed to wash hands and avoid unnecessarily touching the lesion to avoid deterioration or transmission of infection.

Drug-resistant herpes simplex and Zovirax

During therapy with acyclovir, may develop drug-resistant herpes simplex virus.

Side effects

Besides being highly effective, there is no odor, it is not too greasy and quickly absorbed locally. In the local application of zovirax side effects occur very rarely, among them the most stinging and burning sensation on the skin application site and, in a small number of patients there may be slight redness or dry skin.

Side effects of taking acyclovir are minimal. In Australia, Acyclovir is administered orally in the treatment of primary infection and recurrent genital (the genitals) and labial (the lips) herpes. A dose of 200 mg taken orally shortens the duration of symptoms and resolution of lesions. Unfortunately, the treatment of primary genital herpes does not change the intensity and frequency of relapse.

Topical application of acyclovir is clinically less effective than oral administration in the treatment of HSV infection. Local reactions during intravenous administration can be developed if there extravasation of the applied drug solution. Although side effects are very rare, slow intravenous administration further reduces the risk. Nausea and headache may occur, and encephalopathy, although in rare cases. Viruses that acyclovir acts, often cause infections in humans, and fortunately there is therapy for them, because there is limited number of drugs for many other viral diseases.