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Posts published in July 2013

Buy Valtrex online

One of the most important drugs on the market is valaciclovir, which also goes by the trade name Valtrex. Valtrex is a very potent antiviral drug that is used to manage various types of herpes and shingles. Additionally, it can also be used to treat cold sores in older children and teenagers, and to stop the spread of chickenpox in children over the age of 2; however, this is less common, as the drug can sometimes be too potent for children.

Valaciclovir as anti-herpes medication

Valaciclovir has been available in the United States since November 25, 2009. Valtrex primarily operates by inhibiting DNA polymerase; this means that the chemicals and components in the drug block actions that allow herpes cells to replicate, which means that the symptoms and signs of herpes are much less pronounced, if not entirely gone.

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Taking Valtrex is extremely easy!

You should go to your doctor to get a prescription the instant you get symptoms of the herpes virus. If you wait a day or two, Valtrex may not be as effective, so it is crucial you consult your doctor as soon as symptoms appear. After you get the medication, it should be taken with a full glass of water, ensuring that the liquid Valtrex is suspended in is shaken well. Make sure that you measure you dosage effectively and closely. Valtrex should be stored at room temperature and away from any heat or moisture. If you miss a dose, do NOT make up for it later, as this could potentially cause an overdose or adverse symptoms of the medication.

Safety, Precautions and side effects

Although Valtrex prevents the physical symptoms of the herpes virus, it is still an infectious disease. Valtrex will not prevent the spread of genital herpes in sexual intercourse. In order to prevent the spread of herpes, use a condom with your partner or abstain from sexual intercourse altogether. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching infected areas or rashes in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Because Valtrex is so potent, it is not recommended for everyone. Possible side effects from valaciclovir are similar to the related drug. Common side effects (seen in more than 1% of patients) include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headache, while more rare side effects can include seizures, psychosis, fatigue, hepatitis, dizziness, constipation, and even fatal side effects such as coma and death.

Let your doctor know before you start taking Valtrex if you have HIV/AIDS, a weak immune system, or any kidney disorders or diseases. Consult your local physician before considering taking Valtrex.