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Posts published in January 2013

Buy Famvir tablets against shingles and cold sores

When Can Famvir Help in Herpes Cases?

Explained simply, Famvir (generic name – Famciclovir) is a treatment type drug designed to lessen the effects of the herpes virus in people. Many people today have the herpes virus – this is just a fact. But with improved treatment options like Famvir, the undesirable effects of the herpes virus can at the very least be reduced. As is well understood, there is no know full or complete cure for herpes. This is not to say that there will not be a breakthrough in treating this troublesome condition someday. But until that breakthrough does occur, it is good to know there are drugs such as Famvir that will at least manage the virus.

Famvir tablets

Available in different doses, Famvir is an oral type tablet taken in varying dosages according to your doctor’s recommendation. A typical treatment will usually consist of a series of dosages over a several day timeframe, again as per your doctor’s instructions.

Possible side effects

There are a few typical minor side effects associated with this particular herpes medication. Typically they include mild headache, unsettled stomach, and various mild degrees of fever. More often than not people do not report any serious side effects. All in all this is a very good way to manage the herpes virus.

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How to take Famvir

To best treat herpes with this and other similar medications it is important to administer the medication at the early onset of the initial as well as recurring outbreak. The early application of medications like Famvir will also likely reduce the severity of future herpes episodes. These are just a few of the guidelines for proper use of this important herpes management therapy. Once again however, it can not be stress enough that your doctor will provide the best guidance and likely set you up on a regiment that he or she feels is most appropriate to your specific case. One other tip related to the use of Famvir includes being sure to take this medication with food, as opposed to on an empty stomach. This will likely reduce the possibility of the unsettled stomach condition as described above.

As a final note, some doctors may on occasion prescribe this medication as one large single dosage, rather than a series of dosages over a span of several days. Your doctor will decide which regime is indeed the best for your particular case. A large portion of the population deals with herpes in one form or another on a daily basis. Having treatments like Famvir available is comforting.