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Posts published in May 2020

Viagra super active: The only thing blue about you will be the pill

Viagra super active is an innovation in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Long seen as an entirely taboo subject which was discussed, if at all, in embarrassed whispers at a doctor’s surgery this new class of erectile dysfunction drugs has ‘raised’ the issue – no pun intended! – into the public domain and made it something which men no longer shy away from discussing.

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In a practical sense using Viagra super active could not be easier

You take a small, easy to swallow pill one hour before sex and provided sexual stimulation occurs it will provoke an erection which will last for the desire length of time. Side effects are rarely recorded and the tablet is suitable for use by virtually all men and can be purchased without having to consult a doctor … though we recommend that you do consult a physician for first time use!

And it is not only men who benefit from this miracle drug

Woman also can reap the benefits of Viagra super active, not just in the sense of having their sex lives revitalised but also, if they take the pill themselves, by having their own libidos given a welcome boost – especially helpful around the time of menopause when female sexual desire often starts to wane.

So, what are you waiting for?

Perhaps you think that you are the only man who has ever been in the position of finding themselves unable to get or maintain an erection. Perhaps you consider that your condition has emasculated you or you are ‘less than a man’ because of your affliction. Perhaps you are actually shying away from physical affection with your partner because you feel humiliated, with the consequence that your relationship is experiencing strain. This could not be further from the truth. Erection dysfunction is incredibly common in men in middle aged and is often experienced at a considerably younger age than this. The longer the problem goes unacknowledged the greater the chances of lasting damage to your relationship and to your self esteem.

Now you’ve decided to take the plunge and change your life things could not be simpler

Viagra super active can be purchased online, over the counter or with the help of your physician, who will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may be experiencing. There is no time limit on how long the drug can be used for and you can use it every single day if you so desire. The drug is inexpensive and comes with full and clear to read instructions. Failure rates are extremely low and most men report extreme satisfaction and euphoria on beginning to use the drug.

There might be other drugs on the market which claim to combat erectile dysfunction but Viagra super active is the trail blazer and still by far the most effective and popular. Gone are the days when impotent men were forced to rely on ineffective pumps or other useless and potentially dangerous ‘home’ remedies and their partners were forced to suffer in weary silence. Why delay any longer when help is so easily and cheaply available?

Viagra: The Pill That Helps You Pick Up Your Sex Life Again

How Viagra Treats Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra is a drug that was created for Erectile Dysfunction in men who cannot get erections, it is not for women since women do not get erections. It is Sildenafil which is found in other drugs such as Kamagra Oral Jelly. Viagra cannot make you horny, you have to be horny and use it to get an erection when you have done all that you could to become solid as a cinder block. How it works: After an hour you should start to see and feel the effects with a lasting time of up to 4 hours normally. Side effects may include nausea, your blood pressure can go down.

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What is Viagra

Viagra is one of a class of drugs known as PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors. Viagra is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs. After the blood flow goes to your erection, you’ll be ahead of the competition. Try to stay in shape, hit the gym, lift the weights. Become cut, buff, nice and straight. Think nice, think straight. Think of how good it feels to be having sex with your partner. You may even think of being violent with someone, not because you’re a violent type – and yet, its because sex and violence go hand in hand. Make your partner know that for those few moments, they’re yours and no one is interrupting that or your orgasm, you want to be respected, and in your mind tell yourself that you can go all night, that you have stamina (in your mind, stay stabida instead of stamina for extra meaning and intent) think of how fat she is, and what you’d do if someone attempted to stop that blood from going to your erection, that’s your skill.

Why Viagra is better than Cialis

For various reasons Viagra is better than Cialis, for one, it is more readily available in stores, Cialis is not even as known. ┬áIf you need to, you can use your hands to masturbate prior to having sex just to test out how well it is working for you. Introduce yourself to your partner at the time or mentally be there, find out about your sexual fantasies and what turns you on, people are turned on for different reasons. Cleanliness, intellect, faces, bodies, all of the above. Find your quirks and you may even want to RP with your partner to keep your head in the correct game, nice and straight. Think of things that you’d imagine her doing even if she doesn’t do it. Your mentality does not even have to be English thought, it can be broken slang or whatever makes you feel “hard”. Maintain your health, it will be good in the long run. For those who don’t that wonder why it’s not working, if you’re not healthy things won’t run properly anyway.

If you’re overweight and you like to be the sugar daddy type, just think of things you own and reasons you know why your partner wants to be with you. It is very important that you are horny and in the mood, this does not make you horny nor will it give you an erection if you’re not trying to attain an erection. Be unique and express individuality.

You should not take Viagra if

If you have severe heart or liver problems, recent stroke, heart attack, low blood pressure, certain rare inherited eye diseases you should refrain from taking this. Sometimes your body does not do things as it used to for a reason, and sometimes we can adjust our diet and what we do to attain them again without Viagra, still keep a look out for Sildenafil since it might be found in a natural remedy that can help you attain an erection that will suit you better than Viagra all while having the knowledge that Sildenafil is the main ingredient in Viagra, e.i. Kamagra Oral Jelly which has it. Be mindful for taking Viagra alongside other medications or taking it right after you have eaten a big meal, it may enhance side effects or nullify the effects of the medication.


More than the recommended dosage should not be taken unless recommended by a doctor. Pay attention to differences such as the weight you were the first time you took it vs. now, its all about how it will metabolize in your body. You may use a higher dosage depending on which medications you have taken throughout your day, week, or month. 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg or the dosages. Essentially Viagra is to resolve the deep rooted issues that cause erectile dysfunction, and yet, if the cause is predominantly psychological (as I explained), it may help to end the sexually frustrating cycle with being unable to achieve a satisfactory erection.

Gettin’ frisky: is female Viagra an effective option?

The drug flibanserin (Addyi), better known as Viagra but female, first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). UU in 2015, it is proven that it can improve sexual desire, excitement, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain in pre-menopausal women.
The pill modifies three key chemicals for the brain, increasing dopamine and norepinephrine and decreasing serotonin, which increases libido in women and their sexual desire.

From the FDA they argue the need to combat hypoactive sexual desire because it can cause “anguish” in some women, so making an “effective pharmacological treatment” available can bring benefits.

Low sexual desire can be worrisome, and affect the self-esteem and sexual life of a woman, but there are safe and effective treatments, such as the use of this medication for example, for most women, medical treatment is just a aspect of the resolution of the problem, it is still not known exactly how Addyi works, but many scientists who have studied the divisions of this drug say that it seems to alter serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain that can affect mood and many functions more bodily

Female Viagra Usage

The scientists evaluated data from five studies already disseminated and three not yet published in which a total of 5,914 women participated. “The evaluation of these data indicates that the changes promised by flibanserin are minimal” says the study.

For the same study, it is noteworthy that the researchers collected data in the Australian country more than 2900 women who are within a foot of the less participated in three studies of 6 months that compared Addyi with another type of drug (Placebo) that could Help keep your sexual desires more active. All the women had a hypoactive sexual desire disorder, this means that their sexual desire was insufficiently high to worry them, or to have a negative impact on a relationship.

It was the FDA that last August 18 approved the commercialization of flibanserin in this country after receiving the recommendation of a panel.

Is Addyi (Flibanserin) really works?

Addyi, unlike Viagra, does not modify in any direct way the performance of women in their sexual relations, but increases their sexual appetite, which has led part of the scientific community to doubt about its nature, compared to In a placebo, women who took a daily dose of Flibanserin reported a significant improvement in desire and in the other function areas evaluated by the index.

In what do coincide Ady supporters and detractors is to alert to the possible side effects of the pill, mainly responsible for delayed approval for several months.
According to studies, this pill has more negative than positive effects. The effects of the pill to increase sexual desire in Addyi women, which can be purchased half a year ago in the United States, are low, but the side effects are notorious.

On average, taking the pill involved just one more successful sexual intercourse in the space of two months, researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium reported. In contrast, among the side effects of ‘pink Viagra’ there is a clear increase in dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and exhaustion.

The pill should be taken daily. During the intake, you should not drink alcohol, because this can increase side effects.

The researchers recommend that before prescribing the pill to patients, there must be more studies. In addition, one should consider prescribing Addyi only as a part of the treatment, which should also include, for example, psychotherapy.

The pill is sold by prescription between USD 30 and USD 75.

Men all over the world confrim: the new Viagra Super Active is the dream come true!

When it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction is always a safe bet to put yourself in the hands of a medication that has long since been tested and withstood the continued test of time in order to prove effective for those that it treats. Viagra is one such medication that is typically used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Time and time again it has proven itself to be the gold standard when it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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By placing your faith in Viagra you are placing your faith in the best.

Now there are even different kinds of Viagra, such as Viagra super active. By taking Viagra super active you will see the same benefits that you will out of the normal Viagra as well as some additional ones. For instance while normal Viagra takes 30 minutes to kick in, you will see the same results from Viagra super active in as little as 10 to 15 minutes after taking the medication. The duration of the medication remains about the same though it is slightly increased to around five hours in which you will see relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Viagra super active also comes in a bit of a darker pill, which will be a dark blue.

The standard starting dosages are also different with Viagra super active as the typical recommended dose is 100 mg. Because it incorporates different herbs and other things into the medication is considered to be safer to take this higher dosage to start off with, whereas with typical Viagra you would be limited to a standard starting dosage of 50 mg. What this most down to is that it makes the medication more effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction even more so than it already was.

Because of this you get all the benefits that you would see out of standard Viagra with even more of a boost to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It is still to be noted though that erection lasting longer than four hours should result in seeking medical treatment as this can result in permanent damage. You could of course consider using one of the many online pharmacies that are available today in order to receive your prescription of Viagra super active. For those that may be embarrassed about talking about the condition this may cut down the number of people that you have to converse with about.

It also has the added benefit of saving you time as well as money in the form gas by not having to go to the traditional pharmacy.

No longer does one have to wait in a pharmacy line if they are not so inclined.

You also the added benefit of the medication coming directly to your door and discreet packaging so that no one is tipped off to your condition. When you speak with your doctor about a prescription for Viagra super active is to be expected that current medications that you may take will be gone over in order to verify that there are no negative interactions between the medications. Medical history will also play a part in this as well in needs to be assessed in order to discover possible risk factors that may be present for you.