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Posts published in April 2014

Herpes Cure

Viruses are the smallest living creatures on the earth. This sentence is very debatable because some scientists (depending on the profession) are not considered viruses as living creatures. The viruses have the properties of inorganic substances, such as that they can crystallize, and also debatable is whether they are smallest living structures on the earth – there are virions and prions, which are even smaller.

Either way, they are the causes of various diseases some of which humanity tries to put under surveillance but without avail (HIV, HCV). The virus lives only as a parasite: virus does not possess his own metabolism but with its DNA (or RNA) usurps the metabolism of the host for the synthesis and assembly of its own replica. It is an obligate intracellular microorganism. It is important to point out that there are only a few antivirals drugs, for some other viruses in use are the vaccines or immunoglobulines, while for some viruses there is no efficient drug.


Valtrex (Valacyclovir, Generic Valtrex) is one of few antiviral drugs, and it is available only with the medical prescription. Valtrex prevents multiplying of the virus in the cells. Valtrex is antiviral drug used in the treatment of infections caused by Herpes simplex, Herpes genitalis virus, as well as in infections such as varicella (chickenpox). It is also used in patients with AIDS, as well as prevention of occurrence of Herpes Simplex Infections. Valtrex is not working so that will lead to a healing, since for the virus there is no effective drug that could lead to healing. It works by taking the infection under control, and thus prevents the occurrence of severe clinical picture of the disease, or complications. Valtrex can be taken mutually with food, but it should be noted it is necessary to take it with plenty of water. Valtrex shouldn’t be taken by patients with allergies on this drug, or with allergies on some additional substances in the drug.

Where to buy Generic Valtrex?

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The most common side effects that occur while taking Valtrex are headache, nausea, and abdominal pain. There are no some significant interactions with other drugs or with food. In respect of taking during pregnancy, and during lactation, there are not observed side effects, but it is still necessary consultation with the doctor, because the research efforts did not clearly demonstrate the consequences of the application of Valtrex in such conditions. If the patient will have more benefit than harm from the application, the doctor will recommend a remedy. If medical treatment of a genital herpes is necessary, patients should be advised to take therapy with the first sign or symptom.