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When people are in a relationship, it is not necessary to think that love is the reason why they are together. However, sexual intercourse is also a factor. You should not have the main reason why you came together in the first place, but you realized that it is important in a way. Sexual compatibility is when a couple is ideally at the same wavelength and expectations with what goes on inside the room. It indicates that the person with whom there is not is only a friend, but also a lover. Unfortunately, when reality is established, a partner who is not satisfied with what happens between the sheets can find another person who, perhaps, can do better. After all, sex releases endorphins that are known as happy hormones. So what happens then for men who have their bodies against them in this regard? Specifically, guys who experience erectile dysfunction? Well, you do not have to worry about the Indian company Ajanta Pharma, Kamagra Oral Jelly is a Kamagra jelly that comes in the form of oral dissolving tablets flavored with pineapple, strawberry, orange, vanilla, black currant, caramel or banana. Each tablet, whose effect starts in the 30-45 minutes of the intake and lasts four or more hours, contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. This drug was conceived to help men with erectile dysfunction problems.



How to use Kamagra?

It is taken orally by several means: the contents can be squeezed in a spoon and can be swallowed with a glass of water, ideally from half an hour to an hour before intercourse. It can also be squeezed directly into the mouth and melts immediately. However, to obtain the best treatment for this medication, it is recommended to take it without consuming alcohol, as it reduces the effectiveness of the medication. Large meals and also should be taken as possible as the sea. It is known that Kamagra Oral Jelly is one of the most reliable medications to help increase sexual performance, as it can improve the ability to maintain an erection for longer periods. The effects can be seen in the minutes after the consumption and that the awareness is absorbed directly by the bloodstream; therefore, it requires only a small dose to have the desired effect. However, it must be taken into account that Kamagra Oral Jelly is not an aphrodisiac; Kamagra Oral Jelly can be taken if you experience Erectile Dysfunction, however, it is recommended to consult your doctor first before taking it, especially if you are allergic to some types of medicines. There is no harm in verifying; At least you will avoid a lifelong problem that can be obtained after a few hours of pleasure. The use of sildenafil in women or children under 18 is not indicated. It should be mentioned that this substance does not increase sexual desire and children influence the physical quality of the erection, that is, it should not be used in women who seek to produce an aphrodisiac effect. main contraindication to the use of sildenafil in people who know that it is hypersensitive or allergic to the drug or that in some use use of people at risk of heart disease What is this? How did a recent heart attack, hypotension, kidney failure or liver failure occur? In any case, there is currently a large number of pharmacies or drugs that come to help older men in the disorder of erectile dysfunction; even so a great research is done by the big laboratories to get the perfect drug for these cases. If you are one of those men looking for ways to improve what happens between the sheets, or one of those older men who still want to work their magic, Kamagra Oral Jelly may be right for you. As long as you have your doctor’s approval, continue and buy one for your enjoyment.

Do you find it difficult to maintain an erection during intercourse? It definitely ruins the mood, right?

Kamagra Oral Jelly is one of the most popular and effective medical remedies available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. What sets Kamagra Oral Jelly apart from its competitors is the fact that it can be squeezed into a spoon and swallowed. Kamagra Oral Jelly is a trusted brand manufactured by Ajanta Pharma and has been in business for many years.

Buy Kamagra online in Australia

The strength of Kamagra Oral Jelly is equivalent to that of Kamagra tablets with Sildenafil citrate 100mg being the active ingredient found in all variations of Viagra. Kamagra Oral Jelly’s primary objective is to tackle erectile dysfunction or impotence complications in men. In Australia it is offered in over 40 great tasting flavours with the more popular being Banana, Orange, Strawberry and Pineapple. This medication produces amazing outcomes at a small fraction of the cost of most other erectile dysfunction medications. It provides an alternative choice to tablets with users confirming a much quicker onset time with the exact same results. The treatment works by relaxing the blood vessels within the penis, thereby allowing blood to flow through more easily. This in turn helps cause and erection upon sexual stimulation. Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in Kamagra Oral Jelly, it’s therapeutic characteristics are known to be the best remedy for erectile dysfunction. Kamagra Oral Jelly is manufactured in India by one of the world’s most respected pharmaceutical giants known as Ajanta Pharma. Apart from being more affordable than other brand names varieties of Sildenafil Citrate, Kamagra has delivered some outstanding results around the world, and continues to be given the thumbs up by many satisfied Australian customers.

Buy Kamagra oral jelly online in Australia

Buy Kamagra oral jelly online in Australia

Kamagra dosage

The advised dosage amount for this is one 100mg sachet every a twenty four hour period . Consume this twenty minutes before sexual activity for the best possible outcome. As it is a self dissolving medication, it is normally taken without drinking water . To avoid the increased probability of adverse reactions to this medication, you must never go over the recommended dosage of 100 mg. We strongly suggest that you seek advice from your physician before consuming it .

The side effects of using Kamagra Oral Jelly are headaches , upset stomach and nausea . Some of the unintended side effects connected with the jelly are momentary and can wear off without medical involvement . Persons suffering from heart diseases are not recommended try Kamagra Oral Jelly. These should not be taken when you are on medications that are nitrate based, as these treatments negatively affect each other if take on the same day . In order to avoid or minimise the risk of unintended side effects, it is important for patients to let their health professional understand what other medicinal drugs they may be taking before considering this treatment.

Kamagra – How to order online?

Kamagra can be ordered online or through direct purchases. It will be delivered at your address in a sealed condition. Standard delivery is within 5 to 9 business days, or we can select Express Post for delivery within 2 business days. Buyers located outside Australia, viz., New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China are offered delivery of the product.

Men looking for help with erectile dysfunction have the option to use prescription medications, such as Viagra or Cialis.They can also go the herbal male enhancement route with over the counter supplements meant to increase desire and improve performance.Some men might be tempted to use the prescription drugs, but aren’t interested in paying the high price or going to the trouble of getting a prescription from their doctor.
For those men, Kamagra may seem like a viable option.


With today’s lifestyles, everybody is getting into to relationships. With different reasons to why they engage in this life marking activity, one thing can break or make the relation break or last longest. It can also determine if one gets rebounds after a break up. Some people call it a comeback, sometime they call it ex-booty call. One person’s performance especially when it comes to good sex can carry a sour relationship to the gates of destiny. On the other hand, if a partner is not satisfied in bed it would lead to one looking for satisfaction elsewhere which would include looking for better sex partners or even worse, a breakup.
Things like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and more are some of the worst nightmares in most relationships. Whether casual or lifelong, it needs enough time for each to enjoy as much as to want a second encounter and also last to make it worthwhile. One cannot have the above if the nightmares keep haunting you every time you try to get into the game.



That is why there are stimulants that help you keep long and efficient, ready for any instances that could offer some feel good opportunities. Ready and easy to access over the counter, one can easily afford a pack and within no time you are good to go.

Kamagra jelly is an oral erectile dysfunction medication for men manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, a company based in India. Sildenafil citrate, generic name for kamagra is commonly manufactured in jell form. Packed in sachets, it is easy to dispense and all one needs is to tear, squeeze into and swallow. It comes in a variety of flavors. From vanilla to strawberry, chocolate to more and more.
Kamagra works by relaxing blood vessels around your genitals allowing more blood to flow in and out with more pressure.

Kamagra versus Viagra

Both drugs contain the same active ingredients. However, a few features makes the different;
• Kamagra, being generic makes the brand cheaper and affordable due to its low production cost. Viagra on the other hand is a bit expensive.
• Kamagra is available in an easy to swallow kamagra jelly while Viagra is available in tablets.
• Viagra with the traditional unpleasant taste of medicine, kamagra introduces flavors to make it easier for the consumer to enjoy the use.


Despite their appealing taste and smell, it is highly advisable that you only take 100mg. this is the recommended dosage as per one adult male. Make sure to consult your pharmacist or your doctor to get more advice on the interaction with other drugs and conditions.
You can dissolve it in a glass of water or just swallow it directly.
The drug’s effectiveness lasts for about 4-6hours after taking.
Take the Kamagra jelly half or one hour before and avoid alcoholic drinks during the period as it reduces its efficiency.

Side effects

Ranging from mild headaches, nausea and dry eyes which may cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light, one can simply beat the side effects by taking lots of water regularly. Though no case of severe side effects have been reported one is advised to exercise caution while using the drug. Avoid overdosing. Side effects will disappear within the course and as the body gets comfortable with the treatment.
If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please stop the treatment immediately and consult with a doctor.

Where to buy kamagra in Australia

Kamagra Jelly is easily accessible online and in localized pharmacies. Prices at an average of about $3-$4 you can get yourself a sachet either at the pharmacy near you or one shipped to you. Take a look at and order easily with flexible payment options.