LEVITRA: What it is and how to acquire it in Australia

Levitra is a well-known solution for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that is sold without prescription in some countries including Australia.

Viagra vs Levitra

Viagra and Levitra are very similar and contain almost identical active ingredients that work essentially in the same way and affect the same processes. Viagra contains Sildenafil while Levitra contains Vardenafil, both of these substances are targeted to positively improve the blood flow to your penis and muscular relaxation. Also, both are effective for well over 4 hours long and require to be taken only about one hour before sexual activity begins. If you require shorter onset times you should try Levitra Oral Jelly, another form of Levitra sublingual jelly that manifests effects in only 10 to 15 minutes.

There is a recent study that has found many men who have diabetes who reported that their ED treatments failed to help them get a steady and stable erection. While they experienced a significant improvement when using Levitra.
Levitra has been developed later compared to Viagra and has had a lot of research put into optimization tailored upon the most common patient’s necessities.


Yes, apart from how ED is related to alcohol abuse, Levitra maintains it’s effectiveness entirely even when consuming fatty foods and/or drinking alcohol. This can not be said about Viagra which loses most of it’s effects if consuming alcohol or eating consistent meals.
It is generally possible that either Viagra or Levitra works better for you depending on your individual physiology. If you feel unsatisfied with one treatment, you can always ask your doctor whether you can try another or not.
Levitra therefore is often prescribed for patients that have tried Viagra and/or Cialis for many years and are now in need of something more effective than what they’re used to taking usually

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How BUY it ONLINE in Australia

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6 thoughts on “LEVITRA: What it is and how to acquire it in Australia

  1. I began taking Levitra after suffering from erectile dysfunction for years and finding no relief with other medications like Viagra. I use a 10mg dose and I find it highly effective — finally I can get and maintain erections regularly.

  2. Levitra is the one erectile dysfunction product I have tried and NOT been happy with. I got a full erection, but became very red-faced and felt anxiety, and kind of itchy/tingly. I became too self-conscious to continue to attempt sex.

  3. Before Levitra, I was unable to maintain an erection long enough to be able to have any sexual satisfaction. With one pill just an hour before sex, now I am fully hard and able to stay that way multiple times! My wife doesn’t know what to do with me, because the spark is back and it is lighting fires!

  4. At 52, my ED became unbearable as I was not able to achieve an erection at all. With a 20mg dose of Levitra, I am back to normal performance. I take a pill an hour before I have sex and have no problems getting and maintaining an erection.

  5. My boyfriend had ED and he has tried many medications. I would have to say that Levitra seems to work a good bit and he has does not experience the side effects like Viagra or Cialis.

  6. At 75 years old I thought my old days were long behind me, take 10 mg and it was like I was 20 again. I did have some face flushing, but did find that many people who have taken it have had some, so I’m not super worried about that. My erections are hard and the shame of struggling with erectile dysfunction is no longer a worry I have!

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