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How to use Valtrex & Valacyclovir side effects 

Many people often do not know the facts that they need to know about Valtrex before buying them from the market. Here are facts that you need to know about Valtrex pills after buying them from the pharmacy:

Things to know before taking Valtrex medicine

  1. Never take the medicine when you are allergic to acyclovir (Zovirax) or valacyclovir
  2. Before taking Valtrex pills, you should tell your doctor whether you have:
  • HIV/AIDS, or any other conditions, which can weaken your immune system
  • A kidney disease (or when you are on a dialysis)
  • If you had a kidney / a bone marrow transplant

Buy Valtrex online in Australia

Buy Valtrex online in Australia

How should you take Valtrex?

  • You need to take Valtrex as prescribed for you by the doctor or a pharmacist. You need follow all the directions given on the prescription label.
  • Treatment using Valtrex need to start as soon as possible the first symptoms appear (such as burning, tingling, or blisters). This will ensure that you treat the medical conditions well.
  • Take every dose with plenty of water. When you drink plenty of water when taking Valtrex, you will keep your kidneys in a proper working condition.
  • You can take Valtrex with/ without food.
  • You should make sure you finish your prescribed dosage by the doctor.
  • Store Valtrex pills at room temperature and away from heat and moisture. Do not freeze. You need to throw away all unused Valtrex in 28 days

Valtrex side effects

When taking Valtrex pills, you should know the side effects to help you decide whether to continue with or not depending on these side effects. You should ensure that you discuss with your doctor on these side effects before he or she can advise on what to do whether to continue with the dosage or start other pills. You need to stop taking Valtrex when you experience these side effects:

  • fever, bleeding or easy bruising
  • red spots on your skin ( which are not related to chickenpox or herpes
  • vomiting, bloody diarrhea
  • pale or a yellowed skin
  • weakness or fainting
  • urinating less normal or less than usual
  • pain in the lower back
  • drowsiness, , increased thirst, mood changes, nausea, or loss of appetite
  • swelling, feeling short of breath or weight gain
  • confusion, hallucinations, agitation, aggression, trouble concentrating;
  • feeling unsteady or shaky
  • problems with vision or speech
  • Seizure (convulsions).

In conclusion, the above about Valtrex pills will always help you understand the pills and know the side effects thus making an informed choice whenever you are buying them from pharmacy or online.


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