Remember these things while consuming Valtrex

There are number of antiviral medicines available in the market and Valtrex is one of those medicines. It helps your body to fight with the infection caused by some herpesvirus. This includes genital herpes, shingles and cold sores as well. When your doctor prescribes this medicine to treat any kind of virus infection, then you need to keep few basic things in your mind. For your reference, I am sharing those precautions below with you.

Valtrex in Australia

Valtrex in Australia

Tell the exact age: If your kid is not well and your doctor prescribes the Valtrex for him or her, then it is advised you tell exact age of your kid. Ideally a doctor would never suggest this medicine to any kid of who is younger than 12 years. In case of chickenpox doctors can make a variation and they can suggest it for kids above 2 years of age as well. But you have to make sure you share the exact age to the doctor. In case, you are above this age and you know it, then you don’t have to worry much about this issue.

Share your health situation: If you have weak immunity system, then it is extremely important that you tell your doctor about this. Also, if you have any kind of kidney diseases or if you ever had a bone marrow transplant, then also you should share that detail to your doctor. Valtrex can be harmful for those people that have such health situation. So, make sure you inform your doctor about these issues and if you doctor gives you a go ahead, then only use it else not.

Tell about allergies: You may have some kind of allergies with few things or medicines. That is quite normal, but you should not ignore that while taking Valtrex. If you have any kind of side effects, then you should simply speak about it to your doctor. When you will talk to him about it, then he will cross check if it is ok for you to take the medicine or not. If he will feel it is not safe, then he will suggest an alternative solution for you.

In addition to this, it is also advised that if you experience any kind of side effects while consuming Valtrex, then you should consult your doctor without any delay. These side effects can include easy bruising, fever and similar other issues. When you notice such issues, then inform your doctor and take proper measures to avoid any further trouble.

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