Buy Kamagra oral jelly in Melbourne

Kamagra Jelly and pills (100mg packets or pills) is another application to help men with erectile dysfunction (impotence). Some people want to try something other than the over commercialized Viagra and this jelly/pills can do just that. What’s nice is it doesn’t have to involve any pills – just a spoon to swallow the medication with a glass of water . (It is offered in pill form but it takes longer than the jelly to work). The Jelly quickly is absorbed into the bloodstream, much faster than pills. Kamagra also comes in multiple flavors, which makes this even easier to take. It can be fun to think you are drinking a fruit juice and not think it’s a medication. This is taken up to an hour with the pills and 30 minutes with the jelly before sexual activity can properly occur. It is said that this should not be taken after a heavy meal – may not work because the food would absorb the pill/jelly. Now, granted, one does not know when sexual activity will occur, so you want to be sure you are timing the use right. Remember, these are tips of the trade from my own research.

Buy Kamagra oral jelly in Melbourne

It is highly recommended that a person does not exceed one dose of Kamagra a day. It is also not wise to double your dose of Kamagra Jelly. That could lead to an overdose. It that does happen, it could lead to poisoning and call 911 immediately for help. It is also a recommendation that this medication not be taken alone – always have a second person to watch for reactions. Men over 65 should not take more than 50mg of either the pill or the jelly..

You definitely want to take precautions so tell your doctor if you desire to take this medication on a trial basis. Definitely don’t want to hide what you decide to try from your doctor. They can help you in determining if this drug is right for you. They may even suggest a psychologist to see if your problems reside elsewhere. Women and children should not take this drug. This is really meant for men. This is not a time sensitive medicine, so if you miss a dose, everything will be fine. Also be sure have a safe place to store this and most medicines at room temperature.

If you are already on on medication for erectile dysfunction, you want to consult your doctor to see if any changes need to made to your existing medications. You don’t want it interacting with any medication – especially heart medications. Just be careful with any new medications and pay attention to any possible side effects. A few side effects are headaches, stomach aches, flushing,rash, dizziness and vomiting. There isn’t anything serious but if you do happen to have a serious symptom, call your doctor immediately.

Kamagra Jelly is sold by companies in Australia and is sold online. Buying online is a proactive and easier way to buy this medication if you are not in Australia. It’s just a convenient way to get the medications you need to hopefully prolong your sex life. Do a Google search to find the best and right company for you.

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