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A common issue for men, especially men of increasing age, is that of erectile dysfunction. A common drug that is on the market today is Viagra. What is known as the ‘little blue pill’ has been used by many and proven to be very effective in helping men achieve an erection when they are sexually aroused. What some may not know is that Viagra has also been prescribed to treat high blood pressure, especially to specific areas such as the arteries leading to the lungs and the heart. Viagra was initially introduced to the pharmaceutical market in 1989. Australia approved the use of Viagra in 1998.

Viagra and Australia
In Australia Viagra is currently available legally by prescription only. Visiting online pharmacies based in Australia, Viagra is available without obtaining a prescription. Viagra is still regulated by prescription due to its negative effects with the combination of certain medicines. For men that run into issues with obtaining a legitimate prescription, they may tend to result to other sources of obtaining the very effective drug Viagra, to self-treat their erectile dysfunction condition. Not only is the drug available online from Australian pharmacies but also sex shops are also culprits in selling the drug without a valid prescription. Tons of online pharmacies offer the drug at a very affordable rate and convenient methods of obtaining the drug. Furthermore, sex shops ignoring the prohibition of selling the drug without a prescription, are advertising that they are selling Viagra locally in Australia in order to increase their foot traffic in their stores. Sex shops are also offering the drug at a significant lower price than what is seen at legitimate pharmacies.

Viagra being the very popular drug that it is, is also known to be one of the most generic drugs in the world. As there are already risk associated with taking the genuine drug Viagra, there are even greater risk in taking Viagra that are counterfeit. With counterfeit Viagra there could be too much of or not any at all of the active ingredients, Sildenafil, that are in a genuine dose of Viagra. Some of the counterfeit Viagra pills have been found to contain blue ink dye from printer cartridges to help mimic the small blue pill appearance of a genuine tablet. In order to avoid obtaining counterfeit Viagra, men should obtain the drug from a reputable pharmacy using a prescription provided by a physician. With all the enticing online pharmacies based in Australia with the low advertised cost, there is no wonder men are taking the risk of consuming Viagra that are from an unknown origin. It has been discovered that in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Viagra is able to be obtained without a prescription. It is believed that if Australia follows this same practice then the production of counterfeit Viagra would cease. Although this seems ideal, there are great concerns in making Viagra available as a non-prescription drug. Currently, Viagra is a schedule 3 drug and governing administration state that the risk of the drug being offered on a non-prescription basis is greater than that of the counterfeit issue that they are seeing in Australia.

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