Erection – is it possible to get it back?

Having your self confidence stripped from you by erectile dysfunction can certainly be a devastating experience. Losing out on that simple ability to choose that was once so common is like taking a hit to the gut. It can place a wedge between you and your significant other and certainly has its way of dousing that sexual spark as the anxiety related to performance eats away at the pleasure of sexual activity that was once commonplace. Thankfully it is not necessary to suffer in silence in today’s world where we have a number of treatments available to help with the symptoms commonly associated with erectile dysfunction. Viagra is easily the most recognizable of those medications and that is saying something. Why not place your trust in a drug with a proven track record that is trusted by so many other men suffering from the same symptoms. Why let the difficulty of getting or maintaining an erection drag you down when you can do something about it Viagra? Viagra works to restore that much needed blood flow in order to have strong full erections as one would have without the impediment of blood flow that is associated with erectile dysfunction. With this you can get back to enjoying your sex life and spend less time and worry on wondering whether you will be able to perform in those given moments. The world is stressful enough as it is, there is no reason to let erectile dysfunction add to that.

Viagra for erection
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With as long as Viagra has been around you can take comfort in its endurance as a well performing medication. Viagra tends to have a starting dose of fifty milligrams, which can then be altered to suit your needs with help from your doctor. It is capable of providing a time frame of around four hours in which to proceed with sexual activity and should ideally be taken roughly a half hour before for optimum results. This time frame gives you some wiggle room, while not lasting too long as to result in awkward situations throughout the day. I’m sure we can all imagine what it would be like to be thirteen again and have those types of problems. With all of our technological advances these days it comes as no surprise that there are a number of online pharmacies at this point. What this really boils down to for you though, is that there is a competitive online scene from which you can have your medication shipped to your house discreetly should that sound more reasonable to you as opposed to the alternatives of the brick and mortar chains.

So why not save yourself the hassle of lines and waiting?

Consulting your doctor is necessary for getting a prescription for Viagra. As with any prescribed medicine there are side effects, though most are quite negligible and would be the same type of things you see on just about any medication include headache and nausea. Your doctor would be able to go over specific risk factors as they pertain to your and your family’s medical history. Certain conditions of the heart and high blood pressure for example can present issues with Viagra due to its effects on the body. Revitalize your sex life with Viagra by speaking to your doctor today.

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