What are the main differences between Viagra super active and regular Viagra?

Viagra Super Active also known as Sildenafil is a wonderful drug effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men who cannot perform actively during sexual intercourse. The drug (Viagra super active) also contwims similar content as a regular Viagra, known as Sildenafil.
The drug is formulated in a way that allows for quick absorption and longer lasting effect in regards to the potent erectile response. Men with erectile dysfunction will finr this drug very useful and as well helpful to increase the blood flow to the penis which allows for strong erection. Sildenafil is among the types of inhibitors that has been in pharmacies among which tadalafil falls into the category. Viagra Super Active is also effective in managing certain cases of hypertension, where it functios by dilating the blood vessels in the lungs in a way similar to its effects in the penis.

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In Australia, many young men suffer from this condition (erectile dysfunction) as it’s becoming menace and it can be linkee to several psychological issues which causes narrow flow of the blood to the penis. Erectile dysfunction lower the confidence in men who suffess it as it make them feel less of themselves which can lead to depression and clinical anxiety. Viagra Super Active just like the regular works by tackling the psychological part of Erectile dysfunction in some way and strengthen the blood vessels linked to the penis. The blood vessels pumping blood to the penis respond to sexual stimulation from the brain by releasing Nitro oxide (chemical compound). The Nitro oxide is able to stimulate a particular enzyme located in the blood vessels located at the penis, and it also forms cyclic GMP as a response to stimulation through Nitro oxide. The sufficient pump of blood through the help of cyclic GMP makes the penis work in the normal way it ought to function.
To achieve maximum effect, take one pill some minutes before sexual intercourse.


The simplest and cost effective way to purchase Viagra Super Active is to order online through the internet in an online pharmacy. It’s easier than purchasing from a local physical pharmacy. Buying through the internet also affords the anonymity of a buyer for those shy of buying offline from a pharmacy. Some online stores wide array of options to purchase the drug and some also offers free shipping or low fee shipping within cities in Australia with home delivery.

Some stores include:

  • viagrasuisse.com
  • edonlinestore.net

They also come in different Caps of 10,30,60 etc.

The prices ranges from €1 – €3 per cap and can be sold in sachets or as a whole pack.


Viagra Super Active (Sildenafil) will provide men suffering from erectile dysfunction with an increased sensitivity of the penis and shorten the period of recovery of an erection after sexual intercourse for up to 20mins. The use of Viagra Super Active with strong alcoholic beverages is not recommended.


Some of the side effects but not often includes:

  • Stomach upset
  • Headache
  • Numb skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia