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Have you ever heard of Priligy? You might want to learn more about it.

As any man can testify one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a man during sexual intercourse would of course happen to be premature ejaculation. However, many men never actually seek treatment for this and may very well not even be aware of the fact that there is treatment options for it. Though it is often seen as embarrassing you might be surprised to find out that it may be a bit more common than what you might initially think.

It is known that around one in five men are actually suffering from this issue of premature ejaculation.

Because it is an embarrassing subject as mentioned before often times the individual doesn’t actually seek treatment for. There are a few things that are capable of causing premature ejaculation as it could be related to either stress or anxiety. However as you can imagine premature ejaculation could certainly have an effect on relationships and easiest thing to probably do is sit down and be able to talk about the condition in order to feel comfortable with the treatment options that are available to you as a male. Sometimes simply sitting down and having that conversation in order to talk about it can do a great deal to rid you of anxiety in relation to the premature ejaculation. In some cases simply having this conversation can work to help resolve the problem on its own, it is still something that can easily be talk to your doctor about. Doctors are of course there to help treat you for condition such as this without being judgmental about the condition.

You have a prescription option in the form of Priligy.

Priligy is a medication that is used in the treatment of premature ejaculation and is intended to be taken around a half-hour to an hour before intercourse. This medication comes in two different strength levels. It is typically recommended to attempt using the lower version initially and with consulting your doctor possibly switch to the higher version if it is needed in your case. Normally speaking there are not too many negative side effects with the usage of the medication, though you could potentially experience some mild dizziness or a drop in blood pressure. In the event that you start to notice side effects of the medication is important to consult with your doctor and stop taking the medication. This is in order to make sure that nothing serious results from this.

As with most medications it is important to understand that any current medications you are taking may possibly interact with Priligy in a way that is not intended.

That is why your doctor will scores ask for a list of current medications when you speak to him about receiving a prescription for Priligy. If it’s more convenient for you you are of course able to receive your prescription through online pharmacies. You may find this advantageous if you do not wish to travel to a normal pharmacy and would instead rather receive your prescription to your door. Your doctor will take into account your personal medical history as well as that of your families when choosing whether Priligy is appropriate for you.