Things you need to know about Viagra Medicine

Viagra is a medicine that helps relax muscles and increase blood flow to certain areas of the body. Commonly the medicine is used for treatment of sexual disorders such as ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. While Viagra helps in curing the sexual disorders, it also has certain side effects. So you should be careful while taking Viagra and read all the necessary precautions before taking the medicine.

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How to use Viagra

People sometimes use the drug without taking necessary advice from their GP. As the medicine is available in every medical store around your neighborhood and also on the online pharmacy stores, people buy and use it without any instruction. Sometimes they use extra dosage that may result in severe side effect. So you should take medicine only after hearing the advice from your GP (generalist). Generally speaking, the drug is commonly used 1 and half hour before sexual intercourse. But there is no time strictly specified for using the dosage, patients can take it 4 hours before sexual activity. It is also a misconception that the drug is used for sexual arousal, the medicine only treats the sexual disorder. For more information, you can call your doctor.

Benefits of Using Viagra

Common Viagra is used for a better sexual life. It also helps:

1. In curing erectile dysfunction

2. Better flow of blood in our blood vessels

3. Recent researches show the fact that heart patient who takes Viagra gains the ability of regular exercise as it helps in better oxygen uptake by our lungs. It also helps in improving pressure in the arteries.

Side Effect of Viagra

As we know that Viagra helps in treating sexual disorder, it also has certain effects.

1. Tingling Feeling in the Chest

2. Abnormal or blurry vision

3. It may cause headache

4. Practitioners of the medicine also have reported the feeling of back pain and stomach ache

When you should not use Viagra

You should stop using the drug if you are feeling dizziness, vision problems, pain in chest, heavy breathing during sexual activity.

Generic Viagra in Australia

Generic Viagra is the most common type of Viagra that people are using these days. It has many benefits including treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug helps in relaxing blood vessels of the penis that will help patients for longer and better erection. It is reported that 52% of the men have experienced ED (erectile dysfunction). In the later years, 70% of the people have been reported to experience the disease. The maximum dosage that one should take is 1 tablet per day. Doctor advice should and prescription is a most before you start your course of Generic Viagra treatment.

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