How to Get the Best Results when taking Kamagra Jelly

Kamagra jelly is one of the modern medications in Australia used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The medication is in form of a liquid, so it is easy for those who struggle to take tablets to consume it. It is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma and it is another sildenafil product that will help you solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in an effective way. One of its major benefits is that it dissolves quickly and starts to work within half an hour. The effects of Kamagra jelly can last in the body for almost six hours. This means that when you take it you will enjoy a great sex experience. The medication is also available in wide range of flavors, meaning that you have the option to select the flavor that you like. When using it, all you need to do is to squeeze the sachet onto a spoon into the mouth for oral ingestion.

Kamagra jelly in Australia for sale

Kamagra jelly in Australia for sale

Major components and working mechanisms

Kamagra jelly contains sildenafil which is an ingredient that is approved by FDA. Once it is consumed it begins to act within a few minutes by making the blood vessels to relax and dilate flow of blood to the male organ. This makes it possible for the patients to attain and sustain a hard erection for a more satisfying love making process. Before you decide to take it, it is good to consult your doctor in order to get the best results.

Dosage, usage and storage

This drug should be consumed one hour before engaging in sexual intercourse. You are not required to take it more than one time in a day. However, if you would like to increase or reduce the dosage, you need to ask for advice from your doctor. In order to get the best results while using this medication you should not mix it with alcohol, fatty meals, tobacco products or other intoxicating substances. In addition, you should never mix it with grapefruit drinks or the fruit itself. This will ensure that it works safely and effectively. Just like many other medicines, you should store it in dry place free of heat. Make sure that children, pets and other animals cannot access it.

Interactions and contradications

You should never combine it with nitrate drugs that are taken for chest pain and other heart problems. This medication is only for men, so children and women are not supposed to take it. In case you develop allergic reactions to sildenafil content you should avoid using it. It interacts with other medications for erectile dysfunction and alpha blockers, so never combine them.

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