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Generic Viagra: Sildenafil

Viagra a generic name for sildenafil cit rate is a sex enhancing drug also used to treat erectile dysfunction globally. But it comes with its own pro’s and cons, as in the way it works depends on each individual. For instance my friend gave me a negative feedback on its usage; however I do have some exceptions from his opinion. The drug sometimes may cause discomforts such as headache, stomach upset, running nose, nausea and in extreme cases muscle pain. Alcohol abusers in the United States (US) often get prescribed to take this drug, which in many cases have been proved to be a dangerous concoction. This diamond shaped blue pill was originally used to treat hypertension and to reduce chest pain caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart. There are some who say that this drug may also enhance the stamina in sports like athletics, but there are no proven definitive, well controlled and randomized clinical trials to substantiate this claim. The recent good news for women could be the approval of the pink pill or Addyi which is the generic name of flibanserin, i.e Viagra for women which boosts their libido by changing her brain chemistry. But this too comes with its own set of side effects like fatigue, low blood pressure and may result in fainting. This approval by the FDA after rejecting twice was a result of a long sought pester put forth by pharmaceutical industries globally. I think this addyi drug might have been rejected due to the way it works in the brain and may have caused permanent irreversible alterations in it. However, long time lobbying by the pharmaceutical corporations worldwide has made the FDA to budge. Me pondering over this topic think it is too early to come to a conclusion on the long term effects of these drugs on humans. I doubt these effects could be felt for posterity, because altering brain chemistry may lead to changes in the DNA and the gene as a whole. This may lead to mutations in the chromosomes of a regular user and may result in deformity in newborns of his or her descendants. The test results of few women could not be a decisive answer to the questions about its safety, because the combination of alcohol with Viagra and its effects on the man’s body and the same on a women’s body (brain) is a matter of concern related to the paucity in time. In Melbourne one should have a prescription from a licensed doctor to buy such sex enhancing drugs. Some of the entitled prescribes are dentists and midwives, they must bear in mind that their prescription should have a clear indication in terms of dosage, name of the drug, the duration to be followed etc. Nevertheless these prescriptions are based on the patients pre-existing medical conditions, which is the sole responsibility of the patient to produce in the form of evidential documents. There are many online platforms to buy these drugs but on a precautionary note on the availability of counterfeit pills. It is mandatory to obtain ED medications from a store based pharmacy or a reputable virtual pharmacy that demands a prescription.

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General Practitioner. I worked in hospitals in Melbourne and Sydney.

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