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Levitra:Long Lasting Prolongation for your Elongation

How To Order Levitra Canberra Queanbeyan Online

Levitra Uses And Common Side Effects

When it comes to love, one of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to express that love in every way possible. That includes physical! unfortunately at some point in every mans life he may run into such a situation no matter how he feels about that special love in his life. Erectile dysfunction is hard to deal with, but for those who have been dealing with it for some time, the hardest thing can be figuring out what type of medicine to take in order to treat their erectile dysfunction! I know I am going to sound biased considering I’m the one writing this article, but I want to tell you about the drug that worked for me called Levitra.

Common uses

Levitra, which is also known to go by the name Vardenafil, works like any other treatment for ED. It causes the muscles that you find in the blood vessels of your penis to relax in order to allow that blood to flow and be caught inside the chambers of the male genitalia, allowing for the male to get an erection. One of the perks to a drug like Levitra is that you won’t just get an erection because you took it, you still need to be sexually aroused in order to become erect and ready for action.

Side effects

One thing to be careful of though is that when you take Levitra you have to remember that a large amount of blood is going to be flowing to places you may not be used to at this point, and this can lead to a serious drop in blood pressure so make sure that you are conscious of your surroundings and try to stay stead on your feet. The last thing you are going to want is to stumble or pass out when you are finally about to get lucky!

How to recognize

You will be able to know Levitra when you see it, it comes in a very distinct peach color with the number 20 or some other stamped on one side based on the dosage you are prescribed, and the word Bayer printed twice perpendicular to one another across the center. If you receive a medication that looks different than this be certain you let the pharmacist know on the off chance that you were given the wrong medication. Suffice it to say you might already know what Levitra is and, more likely, you know what an ED medication does considering it is just to reverse what you are already suddenly unable to do now. So lets talk facts, because there is plenty of information you may want or need to know before talking to your doctor about Levitra. First and foremost being that you need to be aware of what you are and aren’t allergic to.

Active ingredient

As stated, Levitra contains the chemical vardenafil. While it is unlikely, it is possible that a person can be allergic to vardenafil and, therefore, unable to take a prescription of this drug into their body.  Levitra is also used in some cases to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, so it is important to discuss if you are already taking another medication that treats the same issue. Doubling up on prescriptions can only lead to bad results so it is very important that you discuss this with your doctor before seeking any time of prescription. The same can be said if you are currently taking any type of recreational drugs that fall under the category of a “nitrate”.

Speak with your physician

I’m sure your doctor can give you a full list of them but if you know for a fact that you are taking something like amyl nitrate or “poppers” that you could be putting yourself in serious danger by not discussing it with your doctor during your appointment. Since Levitra is also a medication that falls withing the realm of nitrates, combining this with another nitrate can cause you to have a very dangerous drop in blood pressure. If you are a minor, and unfortunately experiencing the symptoms of ED (which can unfortunately happen at basically any age of sexual maturity) you should make yourself aware that this medication is not ever going to be approved to someone who is not at least 18 years of age. other than that go nuts! (no pun intended) and talk to your doctor today about getting your life back on track!

Peter Williams

General Practitioner. I worked in hospitals in Melbourne and Sydney.

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  1. Lincoln Dawson

    Levitra is the best thing that’s happened to my life in the past decade. Before Levitra, I had trouble talking to women at parties. I am 57 and a widow and never thought I’d have to start dating again. Levitra gave me my confidence back and made me a new man. Thanks Levitra!

  2. Liam Whitworth

    I am 54 years old. I have been taking Levitra for 5 years. I use 10mg when I need it, and I take it about an hour after I’ve had a meal. I enjoy it because I only get an erection if I am stimulated, it doesn’t just happen and make me uncomfortable. It doesn’t have the nasty side effects that other medications do, like headache, pain and lack of sleep.

  3. Ryder Horner

    Levitra has completely restored my sex life! I am so grateful. Full hard erections whenever I want. Did not cause any type of allergic reaction. This stuff is great!

  4. Ryder Gray

    Levitra has saved my love life. I was embarrassed to tell my wife about my problem, but when I did she did the research for me and said to try Levitra. Best thing I have ever done. No more dysfunction problems for this guy.

  5. Nixon Adams

    My boyfriend started using Levitra about 6 months ago. It started working in about 30 minutes and the effect lasted around 4 hours. He was going to take Viagra, but we found that Levitra tends to have less side effects. He has experienced some side effects, which included headache, upset stomach, heartburn, dizziness, and back pain. The doctor originally prescribed 20 mg, but he then lowered it to the 10 mg, and the side effects stopped. My boyfriend loves grapefruit, so he had to stop eating grapefruit while taking this medication. The drug seems to be working well, and as long as the side effects stay away, I think he will continue to use it. We are both happy with the results. He has recommended this to friends. However, I advised him that he needs to tell his friends to always talk to a doctor first, that way they will know that it is okay for them to take.

  6. Archie Mitchell

    I took the 20 mg dosage. I was able to get about a 50% erection. However, I got hives mainly on the backs of my upper legs and the back of my head like eating food mostly other than work first she start 10mg take it 30minutes and after she start her work after shes start eating

  7. Andrew Gray

    I started years ago trying medications to help me with this issue. A few months ago, my doc gave me Levitra. I have taken 20 mg, and besides the small headaches, it works better than anything else I have tried. I call that a win.

  8. Daniel Sacks

    I’m a forty five year old male that has been suffering from a lack of erections for over 5 years. I went to my doctor about seven months ago, and he told me try to Levitra. Ever since that day, my love life has been a complete turn around. I’m enjoying my life so much more then I have ever have.

  9. William Cooper

    Levitra is the best thing that’s happened to my life in the past decade. Before Levitra, I had trouble talking to women at parties. I am 57 and a widow and never thought I’d have to start dating again. Levitra gave me my confidence back and made me a new man. Thanks Levitra!

  10. Jesse Holt

    Levitra really helped me with my love life. I took 10mg and it’s really wonderful for me and my romantic partner. No side effects either. No headaches.

  11. Lewis Wyatt

    Because of my husband’s erectile dysfunction, he is starting to ponder the idea of starting a new medication to help treat this. His symptoms have starting causing sexual tension in our marriage so I’m happy he’s at least open to the idea of trying something to help.

  12. Chase Coleman

    I took 10 mg dosage. It worked for a little while. I did, however, have an allergic reaction. Wouldn’t go up to the higher dosage due to the reaction. Maybe it was just me, but use with caution.

  13. Theodore Fisher

    It has been almost 5 years since was last able to get an erection. Confused and angry about not being able to be there for my wife, I have tried every method and medication to become a normal person and maintain the erection of my youth. I even considered surgery–until I tried Levitra. The first dosage helped me more than anything I had ever tried. Once I was stable and I had worked on the correct dosage to take with my doctor, I finally could get an erection. It was like a large burden had magically been lifted from my shoulders! I could now make my wife happy in the bedroom any time I wanted!

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